Huntly palms the cash in Glasgow 25/25

Three more 25/25 Series champions were crowned from 16-19 July, with Gordon Huntly winning in Glasgow, Peter Miller in Liverpool and Nicki Kemp in Southend.

They follow on from this month's earlier champions in Reading and Swansea, where Ian Roberts took the title from 9-12 July.

In Glasgow, Huntly (pictured above) was one of 169 entries and 31 re-entries who contributed to a £40,00 prize pool, with 60 of those entrants managing to make it through safely to day two on Sunday.

James Mcauley's exit in third place created a heads-up battle between Huntly and Thomas Ward, and after a few minutes of deal negotiations the players agreed Huntly would take £9,120, with chip leader Ward securing £9,440, leaving an additional £1,000 for the eventual champion.

After 80-minutes of one-on-one action, Huntly raised with pocket nines and called when Ward pushed all-in with fours. The board ran out safely for Huntly’s nines and he bagged the title and extra cash.

In Liverpool, Miller beat Daniel Stacey heads-up to take the top prize of £7,400, with the runner-up securing £5,000 and third place going to Anthony Haughey, who added £4,000 to the £15,500 he pocketed for second in Blackpool and third in Leeds in May.

Kemp took the honours and £10,375 in Southend, with Justin Sevilla second for £6,830 and Paul McDermott picking up £4,295 for third.

The previous week in Swansea, Roberts, Lee Drew and Bashir Ahmed did a three-way deal for £5,000, with £1,425 on top and the title going to Roberts. Drew finished runner-up, with Ahmed in third.

25/25 Series Glasgow
1st Gordon Huntly £10,120
2nd Thomas Ward £9,440
3rd James Mcauley £4,880
4th Martin Gallagher £3,320
5th Neil Feenan £2,200
6th Nicol Kinnear £1,640
7th Scott Maxwell £1,320
8th Steven Martin £1,120
9th Marius Varanavicius £960

25/25 Series Liverpool
1st Peter Miller £7,400
2nd Daniel Stacey £5,000
3rd Anthony Haughey £4,000
4th Mark Physick £3,500
5th Dusan Kloc £3,000
6th Neil Marshall £2,500
7th Alex Grayson-Morgan £1,040
8th Zac Goldsmith £890
9th Clive Hanson £790

25/25 Series Southend
1st Nicki Kemp £10,375
2nd Justin Sevilla £6,830
3rd Paul McDermott £4,295
4th Adam Lawler £2,920
5th Brian Taylor £1,935
6th Leon Mills £1,445
7th Jordan Grech £1,160
8th Ben Slack £985
9th Katie Swift £845

25/25 Series Swansea
1st Ian Roberts £6,425
2nd Lee Drew £5,000
3rd Bashir Ahmed £5,000
4th Chris Alexander £2,375
5th W Thomas £1,750
6th N Waters £1,300
7th A Hooton £1,000
8th S Kavanagh £800
9th Emrah Yildiz £700