Lodge takes Sky Six-Max crown

University student Harry Lodge is £60,000 richer after winning the main event of the 2015 Sky Poker Six-Max UK Poker Championships at Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn.

After lining up alongside 513 other entrants, 21-year-old Lodge managed to enter the final 16 on Sunday with the second largest chip stack, trailing only Richard Hawes in the standings.

And the two start-of-day chip leaders went on to meet heads-up in a thrilling battle for the title with the chip lead exchanging hands several times before Lodge began to put a cushion between himself and Hawes.

The final hand saw Hawes commit his stack with pocket jacks and Lodge call with a pair of fives. But Lodge spiked a set on the turn and when the river bricked, Hawes’ fantastic run came to an abrupt end.

The first player to fall on the final day was Matt Cartwright who shoved from the small blind with 7-5 and couldn’t get there versus the AD-QD of Leon Campbell.

Cartwright was followed to the sidelines by Leo McClean, Tom Kugelstadt, Paul Ephremsen, Leo Worthington-Leese, Ian Gwynne, Adam Maxwell, Tim Wright, Craig McDowell and the final table bubble boy Mohammed Ifzail.

Paul McTaggart was the final table’s first casualty, pushing all-in from the cut-off with pocket sixes and being called by Lodge in the big blind with Q-J. The KS-8D-3S-7S-8S on the board playing into Lodge's hand, which contained a bigger spade than McTaggart.

Michael Lyons was the next to exit when he moved all-in with Q-10 but ran into Hawe's pocket eights. The snowmen held on an ace-high board and the final table was down to four.

Four became three after a huge three-way pot including Lodge and Hawes sent Campbell to the rail and catapulted the economics student into the chip lead.

Shortly after Campbell’s exit, George Devine’s tournament ended when Lodge opened to 400,000 on the button, Hawes made it 1,100,000 from the small blind and Devine four-bet shoved for 6,000,000 from the big blind.

Lodge got out of the way, but Hawes called with pocket nines to put Devine at risk. Holding pocket 10s, Devine looked set for a double-up but a nine on the flop changed all that and when the board refused to straighten out or show a 10, Devine was gone.

Sky Poker Six-Max UK Poker Championships
1st Harry Lodge £60,000
2nd Richard Hawes £36,000
3rd George Devine £24,000
4th Leon Campbell £16,250
5th Michael Lyons £12,000
6th Paul McTaggart £9,000