Ayub spoils Biessek’s GPS double bid

Ali Ayub took down the Nottingham leg of the Genting Poker Series at Dusk Till Dawn, topping a huge field of 632 to pocket £40,255, but Ellie Biessek scooped the biggest share of the loot after a three-handed deal which also included Mark Elliot.

With Biessek holding more than half the chips in play she collected £50,680, with Elliot taking home £35,760.

With just the trophy and title left to play for, three handed play didn’t last long with Elliot the first to exit after running his A-10 into Ayub's aces.

Ayub then doubled up first hand against Biessek to take a huge 13:3 chip lead, which became 9:7 as Biessek ground her way back into the contest before Ayub rivered a king, holding K-10 against Biessek's A-9, to take the title.

Biessek, last year's GPS Newcastle champ, was very unlucky to not become the first ever double Genting Poker Series winner, but was happy to be pocketing the most money after her fantastic performance.

The final day started with 30 players and after a slew of early eliminations the tournament was soon down to a final table of nine with Hamid Rowshanaei out in front on just under 3m chips, with Elliott in second place on 2.6m and Chris Sly third on 2.2m.

Michael Howard (1.7m), Biessek (1.6m) and Ayub (1.6m) were all in good shape, while Steven Watts was on on 1.2m, Zigmantas Jockus had 970k and Eirimas Livonas was short stack on 895k.

It took a full three hours for the first finalist to hit the rail and then, like buses, another elimination came straight afterwards.

First short-stack Livonas, with only 14 bigs, shoved all-in holding K-Q against the pocket tens of Rowshanaei, which became a full-house on the 10-3-2-2-Q board. Livonas taking home £3,750 for ninth place.

The very next hand Howard ran his pocket tens into Ayub's rockets and departed in eighth place for £5,500.

Rowshanaei was the next to go, unable to win a flip with pocket sixes against Ayub's A-K, and Watts soon joined him when his A-J couldn't come from behind to beat Biessek's A-Q.

The first player to cash for five figures was Jockus, who also lost a flip with pocket sixes against Sly's A-9, Sly flopping an ace to send Jockus home in fifth place for £12,750.

Local favourite Sly finished in fourth place, moving all-in with top pair against the flush draw of Biessek in a huge pot. A spade on the turn giving Biessek the flush and Sly a £17,500 payout.

GPS Nottingham (17-21 September)
1 Ali Ayub (£40,255)
2 Ellie Biessek (£50,680)
3 Mark Elliot (£35,760)
4 Chris Sly (£17,500)
5 Ziggy Jockus (£12,750)
6 Steve Watts (£9,500)
7 Hamid Rowshanaei (£7,500)
8 Michael Howard (£5,500)
9 Eirimas Livonas (£3,750)