Mallu on the march in Manchester

The second leg of this season's GUKPT took place at Manchester's G Casino from 8-15 March, with Ali Mallu lifting the winner's trophy.

After battling his way through nearly 200 players, the GUKPT regular was one of 14 players who returned on Sunday for the final day's play.

As the action progressed and the final table moved closer, Nigel Ventre sent Alex Golubevs to the rail one place short of the final table after he moved in with QS-JC against Ventre's kings. The board didn't throw up any surprises and the £1,000 main event was down to nine.

The first elimination was Katie Swift and following in her tracks were Asif Choudry, Jorge Rosa, Mark Davey and the aforementioned Ventre. That left Mallu as one of the chip leaders and with a few well-timed moves he managed to take out Tim Hickling with KH-5H against AC-10D.

With just three left, Tom Dunwoodie knocked out Liam Hooks in third and set-up a heads-up showdown with Mallu.

Staring at a board showing 3H-QD-9C-KC, Dunwoodie took a chance with 4C-3C but couldn't get there against Mallu's KD-8C after the 2D on the river. There was the small consolation of a cheque for £38,800 for the runner-up, a jubilant Mallu lifting the winner's trophy and collecting the top prize of £59,000.

GUKPT Manchester
1st £59,000 Ali Mallu
2nd £38,800 Tom Dunwoodie
3rd £24,400 Liam Hooks
4th £16,600 Tim Hickling
5th £11,000 Nigel Ventre
6th £8,200 Mark Davey
7t £6,600 Jorge Rosa
8th £5,600 Asif Choudry
9th £4,800 Katie Swift