Stitt wins Liverpool GPS Mini

Leg five of the Genting Poker Series in Liverpool, the inaugural Mini with a £220 buy-in instead of the normal £440, saw 277 players produce a prize pool of £55,400, with the largest chunk going to winner Matty Stitt.

The first final table casualty was Andy Muldoon who bet every street on a J-8-9-6-8 board, shoving all-in on the river to be called by Stitt, whose Q-J had Muldoon’s K-Q well beaten.

Stitt then sent Danny Wilson to the rail when his pocket sevens held against Wilson's 9-8 all-in pre-flop. Stitt then found A-9 when Kev Warrilow shoved with A-7, the nine playing to send Warrilow to the rail.

Joe McKeown then followed Ted Ames to the rail and the remaining four players paused the tournament and struck a deal that saw Stitt lock up £13,000 and the other three players £7,000 , leaving the trophy and £1,450 for the champion.

Fourth place went to Johnston, who lost a flip to Jonny Zaib. Johnston held A-8 and Zaib pocket fours. Although Johnston caught an eight on the flop, Zaib made his set on the river.

Peter Hytner exited in third place when he committed his short stack with J-6 and Zaib called with J-2, a deuce on the river leaving Zaib heads-up with Stitt.

With the players level in chips, it only took a couple of minutes to decide the outcome when Zaib's all-in was called by Stitt, whose queens were in good shape against A-4, a third queen on the river locking up the hand.

GPS Liverpool
1st Matty Stitt £14,450
2nd Jonny Zaib £7,000
3rd Peter Hytner £7,000
4th Tony Johnston £7,000
5th Joe McKeown £2,990
6th Ted Ames £2,440
7th Kevin Warrilow £1,880
8th Danny Wilson £1,470
9th Andrew Muldoon £1,050