Martinez the man at GUKPT Reading

Raul Martinez became the latest GUKPT winner when he topped a field of 248 runners at the G Casino in Reading from 25-28 June to walk away with the first-place payout of £25,250.

A total of 17 players were still in contention for the big money on Sunday and after a slow start were soon whittled down to nine, with Martinez the big stack at the start of the final table action.

Lee Doran was the first to exit after running into Martinez with aces, followed by Aaron Biggs who was the next to exit, losing with pocket queens to recent GUKPT Cardiff winner Julian Davies' A-K. It wasn't a standard flip though as Davies filled up a runner-runner wheel on the turn and river to win the hand.

Florian Andrei was the next player to depart after losing a flip with pocket eights against David Lloyd's A-J. Lloyd's deep run would be brought to a premature close soon after when his flopped top pair, queen kicker, ran into Martinez' top two.

Andrey Veselov showed why re-entry events are just so popular. The first player to bust on day 1A, he took his re-entry all the way to a fifth-place finish.

The final four agreed a chop with £1,750 left on top. Davies was the first of the quartet to go, his trips no match for Martinez' full house. The fourth-place finish was good for £17,500 and takes his earnings from the past two GUKPT events to £42,500.

After Harry Dukes departed in third it was left to Martinez and Hui Jin to battle it out for the extra cash, the trophy and some impressive bragging rights. Luck was with Martinez who took control when his A-6 beat Jin's A-K, before he sealed the deal winning a flip with A-7 against Jin's pocket fives.

GUKPT Reading
1st Raul Martinez £25,250
2nd Hui Jin £24,000
3rd Harry Dukes £17,200
4th Julian Davies £17,500
5th Andrey Veselov £6,690
6th David Lloyd £4,840
7th Florian Andrei £3,970
8th Aaron Biggs £3,340
9th Lee Boran £2,860