Bulgarian Chutrov scores at Celtic Park

It's rare for a day one chip leader to maintain that momentum for an entire tournament, but that's what Daniel Chutrov did at the Unibet Open in Glasgow from 6-9 June.

The Bulgarian was at the head of the chip counts from the middle of the opening flight and stayed there throughout the event, eventually scooping a £43,000 score after topping a tough final table.

Any hopes of a Scottish victory at Celtic Park were dashed early on as James McAualay was the first from the final table to hit the rail. All-in with A-K he was unlucky enough to run into Chutrov's pocket kings and Heins Klade's pocket aces. The rockets held to send McAualay to the exit.

It was to prove a very profitable few days for Klade. The Estonian qualified for just €2 and managed to bump that up to a £10,700 payday after eventually busting out in fifth. And he wasn't the only player to qualify for pennies to walk away with thousands. Sweden's Ninib Messo satellited his way to Glasgow for just €10 and finished with £8,550 after busting in sixth.

Sweden's Anders Ostrowski finished in third place to set up a head-up showdown between Chutrov and Briton Chen Wenbin. And, after a topsy turvy heads-up clash where the lead changed hands on multiple occasions, Chetrov took the title.

The final hand saw Wenbin open up to 200,000 with Chutrov re-raising to 660,000. The Bulgarian bet 450,000 into the JD-2D-3C flop only to see Wenbin move all-in. After tanking, Chutrov made the call, revealing AH-KD which needed help against Wenbin's QS-JS.

A king on the turn put Chutrov in front and a river was a blank on the river sent the title his way, Wenbin securing a £30,000 consolation prize.

Unibet Open Glasgow
1st Daniel Chutrov (Bulgaria) £43,000
2nd Chen Wenbin (UK) £30,000
3rd Anders Ostrowski (Sweden) £19,200
4th Arne Bjorsmo (Norway) £14,200
5th Heins Klade (Estonia) £10,700
6th Ninib Messo (Sweden) £8,550
7th Niklas Degn (Denmark) £7,100
8th Ramunas Granskas (Lithuania) £5,700
9th James McAulay (UK) £4,240